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After years of attempts to organize our personal collection of comic books we have finally come up with the perfect solution. onPHILE. This service will assist those people out there who want to get their collections organized.

Imagine keeping all of the information regarding your comic book collection in one common location. A location, we might add, that you can access from any computer connected to the internet. Anywhere.

The next time you start rummaging through your comic books looking for that one issue you want to read but you're not sure which of the 7 boxes it's in.

You're best friend away at college calls you up and says he thinks he just found that one special issue you have been looking for but you only have a couple of minutes to find out the answer.

Or you're at a comic book shop miles away from your collection and you THINK you have just found one of the issues you have been looking for.

Just think... Keep Your Collection onPHILE!
Recent Comic Covers:

Recent Series:
1.Birds of Prey (2011)
2.Green Lantern (2011)
3.Action Comics (2011)
4.Resurrection Man (2011)
5.Kill Shakespeare
6.X-Men Forever
7.Star Trek Deep Space Nin...
8.The Invincible Iron Man
9.Star Trek Special
10.Star Trek The Next Gener...

Recent Publishers:
1.Red 5 Comics
2.Creative Impulse Enterta...
3.Across the Pond Studios ...
4.Desperado Publishing
5.Dial C for Comics
6.Homage (DC Comics)
7.Virgin Comics
8.Platinum Studios
9.Minx (DC Comics)
10.Dabel Brothers Productio...

Recent Comic Books:
1.Marvel Illustrated:... #1
2.The Uncanny X-Men #69
3.The Uncanny X-Men #212
4.Marvel Super Hero C... #3
5.Marvel Super Hero C... #2
6.Daredevil (Vol 1) #194
7.Secret Wars II #1
8.Iron Man #208
9.Iron Man #174
10.Iron Man #173

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