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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Series List
24: NightfallNight Mary
30 Days of Night: Beyond BarrowOlympus Heights
30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker TalesPopbot
30 Days of Night: Eben and StellaRoad to Hell
30 Days of Night: Red SnowScarface: Devil in Disguise
30 Days of Night: Return to BarrowScarface: Scarred for Life
30 Days of Night: Spreading the DiseaseShadowplay
AngelShaun of the Dead
Angel ScriptbookSilent Hill: Dead/Alive
Angel SpotlightSilent Hill: Dying Inside
Angel: AsylumSilent Hill: Paint it Black
Angel: Auld Lang SyneSingularity 7
Angel: MasksSpike vs. Dracula
Angel: Old FriendsSpike: Asylum
Angel: The CurseSpike: Shadow Puppets
Ashley Wood's D'Airain AventureStar Trek Deep Space Nince
C.S.I. : Bad RapStar Trek The Next Generation: Ghosts
C.S.I. : Demon HouseStar Trek: Alien Spotlight - Vulcans
C.S.I. : DominosStar Trek: Alien Spotlight: Gorn
C.S.I. : Dying in the GuttersStar Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell
C.S.I. : Secret IdentityStar Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between
C.S.I.: SerialStar Trek: Year Four
CSI: NY-Bloody MurderSuper Bad James Dynomite
CVO: African BloodSupernatural Freak Machine
ChicanosTank Girl: The Gifting
Clive Barker's The Great and Secret ShowThe Great and Secret Show
Cory Doctorow's: Futuristic Tales of the Here and NowThe Keep
DampyrThe Maze Agency
Dark Days: A 30 Days of Night SequelThe Shield: Spotlight
Desperadoes: Banners of GoldThe Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation
Desperadoes: Buffalo DreamsThe Transformers: Beast Wars: The Ascending
DoomedThe Transformers: Devastation
DorothyThe Transformers: Escalation
Dracula's RevengeThe Transformers: Generations
Easy WayThe Transformers: Infiltration
Eric Red's ContainmentThe Transformers: Megatron Origin
F. Paul Wilson's The KeepThe Transformers: Movie Prequel
Fallen Angel (Series 2)The Transformers: Stormbringer
Gene PoolThe Transformers: The Best of the UK: Dinobots
Gene Simmons: DominatrixTransformers
George Romero's Dawn of the DeadTransformers - Beast Wars: The Gathering
George Romero's Land of the DeadTransformers Spotlight: Hot Rod
GrimJack: Killer InstinctTransformers Spotlight: Nightbeat
Grumpy Old MonstersTransformers Spotlight: Six Shot
Jon Sable, Freelance: BloodlineTransformers Spotlight: Soundwave
Jon Sable, Freelance: BloodtrailTransformers Spotlight: Ultra Magnus
KarneyTransformers: The Movie Adaptation
Kill ShakespeareWar of the Undead
Land of the DeadWill Eisner's John Law: Angels & Ashes, Devils & Dust
LoreWormwood Gentleman Corpse
LuridWormwood Gentleman Corpse: The Taster
Mage Knight: Stolen DestinyZombies Vs. Robots Vs. Amazons
Masters of HorrorZombies vs. Robots
Maze AgencyZombies!: Feast
Metal Gear SolidZombies: Eclipse of the Undead
Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty 
Recent Comic Covers:

Recent Series:
1.Birds of Prey (2011)
2.Green Lantern (2011)
3.Action Comics (2011)
4.Resurrection Man (2011)
5.Kill Shakespeare
6.X-Men Forever
7.Star Trek Deep Space Nin...
8.The Invincible Iron Man
9.Star Trek Special
10.Star Trek The Next Gener...

Recent Publishers:
1.Red 5 Comics
2.Creative Impulse Enterta...
3.Across the Pond Studios ...
4.Desperado Publishing
5.Dial C for Comics
6.Homage (DC Comics)
7.Virgin Comics
8.Platinum Studios
9.Minx (DC Comics)
10.Dabel Brothers Productio...

Recent Comic Books:
1.Marvel Illustrated:... #1
2.The Uncanny X-Men #69
3.The Uncanny X-Men #212
4.Marvel Super Hero C... #3
5.Marvel Super Hero C... #2
6.Daredevil (Vol 1) #194
7.Secret Wars II #1
8.Iron Man #208
9.Iron Man #174
10.Iron Man #173

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