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onPHILE Comic Book Database

Publisher: Marvel Comics, Inc.
Series List
'NamMary Jane: Homecoming
'Nam MagazineMasked Rider
100 Greatest Marvels of all TimeMaster of Kung Fu
101 Ways to End the Clone SagaMaster of Kung Fu: Bleeding Black
2001: A Space OdysseyMaverick (One-Shot)
2010Maximum Security
2099 A.D.Maximum Security Dangerous Planet
2099 A.D. ApocalypseMaximum Security: Thor vs. Ego
2099 A.D. GenesisMega Morphs
2099 Special: The World of DoomMegalomaniacal Spider-Man
2099 UnlimitedMekanix
2099: Manifest DestinyMen in Action
2099: World of TomorrowMen in Black: Far Cry
4Men in Black: Retribution
411Men in Black: The Movie
A Moment of SilenceMeteor Man
A-NextMeteor Man: The Movie
ALFMicronauts (Vol. 1)
AbominationsMicronauts (Vol. 2)
Abslom Daak: Dalek KillerMidnight Sons Unlimited
Adventures in Reading Starring: The Amazing Spider-ManMighty Avengers
Adventures of Quik BunnyMighty Marvel Must Haves: Astonishing X-Men #1-3
Adventures of Snake PlisskenMighty Marvel Superheroes' Cookbook
Adventures on the Planet of the ApesMighty Marvel Western
Age of ApocalypseMighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Age of Apocalypse: The ChosenMillie the Model Comics
Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron ManMission: Impossible
AgentModeling with Millie
Agent XMolly Manton's Romances
Agents of AtlasMonster Menace
Alf Comics MagazineMonsters Unleashed
Alien Legion: A Grey Day to DieMonsters on the Prowl
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to ZMonsters to Laugh With
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z: UpdateMoon Knight (1st Series)
Alpha Flight (1st Series)Moon Knight (2nd Series)
Alpha Flight (2nd Series)Moon Knight (3rd Series)
Alpha Flight (3rd Series)Moon Knight (4th Series)
Alpha Flight SpecialMoon Knight Special
Alpha Flight: In the BeginningMoon Knight Special Edition
Amazing Adult FantasyMoon Knight: Divided We Fall
Amazing AdventuresMorbius Revisited
Amazing Adventures (1st Mini-Series)Morbius: The Living Vampire
Amazing Adventures (2nd Mini-Series)Morlocks
Amazing Adventures (Series 1)Mort the Dead Teenager
Amazing FantasyMortigan Goth: Immortals
Amazing Fantasy (2nd Series)Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Amazing High AdventureMotormouth
Amazing Scarlet SpiderMs. Marvel (1st Series)
Amazing Spider-Man (Fireside Book)Ms. Marvel (2nd Series)
Amazing Spider-Man (Pocket Books)Ms. Marvel Special
Amazing Spider-Man (Public Service Series)Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger
Amazing Spider-Man 30th Anniversary Poster MagazineMutant X
Amazing Spider-Man GiveawaysMutant X (one shot)
Amazing Spider-Man Super SpecialMutant X: Dangerous Decisions
Amazing Spider-Man: HookyMutant X: Origin
Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the HunterMuties
Amazing Spider-Man: The Birth of a Super Hero!Mutopia X
Amazing X-MenMy Diary
An American Tail: Fievel Goes WestMy Firend Irma
AnnexMy Love (1st Series)
AnnieMy Love (2nd Series)
AnnihilationMy Own Romance
Annihilation: ConquestMy Romance
Annihilation: Conquest - QuasarMys-Tech Wars
Annihilation: Conquest - Star-LordMystery Tales
Annihilation: Conquest - WraithMystic
Annihilation: Conquest PrologueMystic Arcana: Black Knight
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus - Silver Surfer/FirelordMystic Arcana: Magik
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus - Terrax/StardustMystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch
Annihilation: NovaMystique
Annihilation: PrologueMystique & Sabretooth
Annihilation: RonanMythos
Annihilation: SagaMythos: Fantastic Four
Annihilation: Silver SurferMythos: Ghost Rider
Annihilation: Super-SkrullMythos: Spider-Man
Ant-Man's Big ChristmasNFL Superpro
Arana Heart of the SpiderNYX
AresNamor, The Sub-Mariner
Arrgh!New Avengers/Transformers
Askani'sonNew Avengers: Illuminati (Mini-Series)
Astonishing TalesNew Eternals
Astonishing X-MenNew Excalibur
Astonishing X-Men SagaNew Mutants
Astonishing X-Men: Ghost BoxesNew Mutants (2nd Series)
Avataars: Covenant of the ShieldNew Thunderbolts
Avengers / JLANew X-Men (1st Series)
Avengers ClassicNew X-Men (2nd Series)
Avengers Fairy TalesNew X-Men: Academy X
Avengers ForeverNew X-Men: Academy X Yearbook Special
Avengers Handbook Featuring The Mighty AvengersNew X-Men: Childhood's End Vol.1
Avengers InfinityNew X-Men: Hellion
Avengers NextNewuniversal
Avengers SpotlightNextwave
Avengers StrikefileNextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
Avengers Two: Wonder Man and BeastNick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.
Avengers United They StandNick Fury's Howling Comandos
Avengers UniverseNick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (1st Series)
Avengers UnpluggedNick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2nd Series)
Avengers West CoastNick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3rd Series)
Avengers and Power Pack Assemble!Night Nurse
Avengers/UltraforceNight Raven: House of Cards
Avengers/X-Men: BloodtiesNight Rider
Avengers: Ultron UnleashedNight Rider
Avengers: Celestial QuestNight Thrasher
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes IINight thrasher: Four Control
Avengers: The CrossingNightcat
Avengers: The InitiativeNightcrawler (Vol. 2)
Avengers: The Terminatrix ObjectiveNightcrawler (Vol. 3)
Avengers: The Ultron ImperativeNightcrawler (Vol.1)
Avengers: TimeslideNighthawk
Awful OscarNightmare
Baby's First Deadpool BookNightside
Backpack Marvels: AvengersNightstalkers
Backpack Marvels: Spider-ManNightwatch
Backpack Marvels: X-MenNo Escape
Balder the BraveNocturne
Barbie FashionNomad (Ltd. Series)
BattlegroundNot Brand Echh
Battlestar Galactica (Marvel)Nova (1st Series)
BattletideNova (2nd Series)
Battletide IINova (3rd Series)
BeastNova (4th Series)
Beauty and the Beast (Marvel)Nova (Mini-Series)
Beavis & Butt-HeadNth Man, The Ultimate Ninja
Before the Fantastic Four: Ben Grimm and LoganObnoxio the Clown
Before the Fantastic Four: Reed RichardsOfficial Handbook of the Conan Universe
Before the Fantastic Four: The StormsOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine 2004
Best of Marvel ComicsOfficial Marvel Index to Marvel Team-Up
Best of Spider-ManOfficial Marvel Index to the Amazing Spider-Man
Beware (Marvel)Official Marvel Index to the Avengers
BeyondOfficial Marvel Index to the Avengers (Vol. 2)
Big Town (Marvel)Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four
Biker Mice from MarsOfficial Marvel Index to the X-Men
Bill & Ted's Bogus JourneyOfficial Marvel Index to the X-Men (Vol. 2)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic BookOfficial Tarot of Marvel Universe
BishopOmega Flight
Bishop the Last X-ManOmega the Unknown
Bishop: XSEOmega: The Unknown
Bizarre AdventuresOnslaught Reborn
Black AxeOnslaught: Epilogue
Black GoliathOnslaught: Marvel
Black Knight (Mini-Series)Onslaught: X-Men
Black Knight : ExodusOpen Space
Black PantherOrder
Black Panther (Ltd. Series)Origin of Galactus
Black Panther (Vol. 2)Original Ghost Rider
Black Panther (Vol. 3)Original Ghost Rider Rides Again
Black Panther: Panther's PreyOroro: Befor the Storm
Black Sun: X-MenOsborn Journals
Black Widow (3rd Series)Oscar Comics
Black Widow (Vol. 1)Our Love
Black Widow (Vol. 2)Our Love Story
Black Widow 2Over the Edge
Black Widow 2: The Things They Say About HerPSI-Force
Black Widow: Pale Little SpiderParadise X
Black Widow: The Coldest WarParadise X: A
Black Widow: Web of IntrigueParadise X: Devils
BlackWulfParadise X: Heralds
Blade (1st Series)Paradise X: Ragnarok
Blade (2006)Paradise X: X
Blade (2nd Series)Paradise X: Xen
Blade (3rd Series)Patsy Walker
Blade (4th Series)Patsy and Hedy
Blade 2: Movie AdaptationPenance: Relentless
Blade RunnerPeter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol.1)
Blade: Sins of the FatherPeter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol.2)
Blade: The Vampire HunterPeter the Little Pest
Blade: Vampire HunterPhantom 2040
BlazePhoenix: The Untold Story
Blaze CarsonPinocchio and the Emperor of the Night
Blaze of GloryPint-Sized X-Babies
Blaze the Wonder ColliePlanet of the Apes (1st Series)
Blaze: Legacy of BloodPlasmer
BlinkPolice Action
BlipPower Man and Iron Fist
Blood and GloryPower Pachyderms
BloodseedPower Pack
BloodstonePower Pack (Vol. 2)
Bob Marley, Tale of the Tuff GongPower Pack (Vol. 3)
Book of the DeadPowerless
Books of DoomPowers
Bring Back the Bad GuysPrince Namor, The Sub-Mariner
Bring on the Bad Guys: Origins of the Marvel Comics VillainsPrince Valiant
Brood Trouble in the Big EasyProfessor Xavier and the X-Men
Brother Billy the Pain from PlainsProwler
BrotherhoodPryde & Wisdom
Brute ForcePsylocke & Archangel: Crimson Dawn
Buckaroo BanzaiPulse
BugPunisher Anniversary Magazine
Bullet PointsPunisher Armory
Bullseye Greatest HitsPunisher vs. Bullseye
BuzzPunisher: X-Mas Special
Cable & DeadpoolQuasar
Cable And The New MutantsQuestProbe
Cable: Second GenesisQuickSilver
Cable: Blood And MetalROM
Cage (Marvel)Raiders of the Lost Ark
CallRavage 2099
Call of Duty: The BrotherhoodRawhide Kid
Call of Duty: The PrecinctRawhide Kid (1st Mini-Series)
Call of Duty: The WagonRawhide Kid (2nd Series)
Camp CandyRazorline: The First Cut
Capt. Savage and His Leatherneck RaidersRed Sonja (Vol.1)
Captain America (1st Series)Red Sonja (Vol.2)
Captain America (2nd Series)Red Sonja (Vol.3)
Captain America (3rd Series)Red Sonja: Scavenger Hunt
Captain America (4th Series)Red Sonja: The Movie
Captain America (5th Series)Red Wolf
Captain America 65th Anniversary SpecialRen & Stimpy Show
Captain America BattlebookRen & Stimpy Show Special: Eenteractive
Captain America ComicsRen & Stimpy Show Special: Four Swerks
Captain America Goes to War Against DrugsRen & Stimpy Show Special: Powdered Toast Man
Captain America and The FalconRen & Stimpy Show Special: Powdered Toastman's Cereal
Captain America and the Campbell KidsRen & Stimpy Show Special: Sports
Captain America/Nick Fury: Blood TruceReno Browne
Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld WarRequiem for Dracula
Captain America: Dead Man RunningRex Hart
Captain America: Deathlok Lives!Richie Rich (Movie Adaptation)
Captain America: Drug WarRise of Apocalypse
Captain America: Medusa EffectRobocop
Captain America: Sentinel of LibertyRobocop (Magazine)
Captain America: The ChosenRobocop (Movie Adaptation)
Captain America: The LegendRobocop 2
Captain America: The Movie SpecialRobotix
Captain America: What Price Glory?Rocket Raccoon
Captain JusticeRocko's Modern Life
Captain Marvel (Mini-Series)Rogue
Captain Marvel (Vol.1)Rogue (1st Marvel Series)
Captain Marvel (Vol.2)Rogue (2nd marvel series)
Captain Marvel (Vol.3)Romance Tales
Captain Marvel (Vol.4)Romances of the West
Captain Marvel (Vol.5)Ruins
Captain Marvel (Vol.6)Runaways
Captain Planet and the PlaneteersRunaways (Vol. 2)
Captain Universe: DaredevilRunaways Saga
Captain Universe: HulkRune/Silver Surfer
Captain Universe: Invisible WomanRusty
Captain Universe: Silver SurferSaban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Captain Universe: X-23Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ninja Rnagers/VR Troopers
Carnage: Its a Wonderful LifeSabertooth Classic
Carnage: MindbombSable & Fortune
Casey, Crime PhotographerSabretooth
Casper and Friends MagazineSabretooth (3rd Series)
CatSabretooth (Vol. 2)
Century: Distant SonsSabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive
Chamber of ChillsSaga Of The Sub-Mariner
Chamber of DarknessSaga Of the Original Human Torch
ChampionsSailor's Story, A
Children of the VoyagerSailor's Story, A: Winds, dreams, and dragons
ChiliSaint Sinner
Citizen V BattlebookSaturday Morning: The Comic
Citizen V and the V Battalion: The EverlastingSavage Fists of Kung Fu
Citizen V and the V-BattalionSavage Hulk
Civil WarSavage Return of Dracula
Civil War ChroniclesSavage She-Hulk
Civil War: Battle Damage ReportSavage Sword of Conan
Civil War: Fallen Son - Captain AmericaSavage Tales (1st Series)
Civil War: Fallen Son - Iron ManSavage Tales (2nd Series)
Civil War: Fallen Son - New AvengersScarlet Spider
Civil War: Fallen Son - Spider-ManScarlet Spider Unlimited
Civil War: Fallen Son - WolverineScarlet Witch
Civil War: Front LineScooby-Doo
Civil War: Opening ShotScorpio Rising
Civil War: Poster BookSecret Defenders
Civil War: The ConfessionSecret War
Civil War: The InitiativeSecret Wars II
Civil War: The ReturnSeeker 3000
Civil War: War CrimesSeeker 3000 Premiere
Civil War: X-MenSemper Fi
Civil War: Young Avengers & RunawaysSentinel
ClandestineSentinel Squad O*N*E
Classic PunisherSentry
Classic X-MenSergio Aragones Massacres
ClawsSgt. Fury
Cloak & DaggerShadow Riders
Cloak & Dagger (2nd Mini)ShadowMasters
Cloak & Dagger in Predator and PreyShadows & Light
Code of HonorShang Chi: Master of Kung Fu
Codename: GenetixShanna The She-Devil
Codename: SpitfireShanna The She-Devil: Survival of the Fittest
Collectors' Item ClassicsShanna the She-Devil (Vol. 2)
ColossusShe-Hulk (2nd Series)
Colossus BattlebookShe-Hulk 2
Colossus: God's CountryShield
Combat Kelly (1st Series)Shogun Warriors
Combat Kelly (2nd Series)Silent War
Comet ManSilver Sable
Complete MysterySilver Surfer (Fireside)
ConanSilver Surfer (One-Shot)
Conan ClassicSilver Surfer (Vol. 1)
Conan SagaSilver Surfer (Vol. 3)
Conan the AdventurerSilver Surfer (Vol. 4)
Conan the BarbarianSilver Surfer vs. Dracula
Conan the Barbarian (Vol. 2)Silver Surfer/Superman
Conan the Barbarian Movie SpecialSilver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection
Conan the Barbarian: The UsurperSilver Surfer/Weapon Zero
Conan the DestroyerSilver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts
Conan the KingSilver Surfer: In Thy Name
Conan the SavageSilver Surfer: Inner Demons
Conan vs. RuneSilver Surfer: Judgment Day
Conan: Death Covered in GoldSilver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals
Conan: Flame and the FiendSilver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos
Conan: Return of StyrmSilver Surfer: Requiem
Conan: River of BloodSilver Surfer: The Enslavers
Conan: Scarlet SwordSkeleton Warriors
Conan: The Lord of the SpidersSkrull Kill Krew
ConeheadsSkull the Slayer
Contest of champions IISledge Hammer
Cops: The JobSleepwalker
Cosmic PowersSlingers
Cosmic Powers UnlimitedSmurfs
Count DuckulaSnow White
Cowboy RomancesSolarman
Cowgirl RomancesSoldier X
Crazy (Magazine)Solo Avengers
Creatures on the LooseSolomon Kane
CrewSon of M
Crime ExposedSon of Satan
CrimefightersSon of Yuppies from Hell
Crypt of ShadowsSoviet Super Soldiers
Curse of the WeirdSpaceknights
Curse of the ZombieSpecial Marvel Edition
Cutting EdgeSpectacular Scarlet Spider
Cyberspace 3000Spectacular Spider-Man
Cyblade/Ghost RiderSpectacular Spider-Man (2nd Series)
CyclopsSpectacular Spider-Man (Magazine)
D.P.7Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special
Daily BugleSpeedball
Dakota NorthSpellbinders
Damage Control (Vol. 1)Spellbound
Damage Control (Vol. 2)Spider-Girl
Damage Control (Vol. 3)Spider-Girl Battlebook
Dances with DemonsSpider-Man
Daredevil (Vol 1)Spider-Man & Arana Special
Daredevil (Vol 2)Spider-Man & Wolverine
Daredevil FatherSpider-Man 2 Movie Adaptation
Daredevil LegendsSpider-Man 2099
Daredevil The Man Without FearSpider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man
Daredevil vs. PunisherSpider-Man Adventures
Daredevil/BatmanSpider-Man Battlebook
Daredevil/Black Widow: AbattoirSpider-Man Classics
Daredevil/ShiSpider-Man Collectors' Preview
Daredevil/Spider-ManSpider-Man Comics Magazine
Daredevil: Battlin' Jack MurdockSpider-Man Family
Daredevil: NinjaSpider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Clan
Daredevil: RedemptionSpider-Man Legends
Daredevil: The TargetSpider-Man Loves Mary Jane
Daredevil: YellowSpider-Man Magazine
Daring ComicsSpider-Man Magazine (2nd Series)
Dark Angel (2nd Series) MarvelSpider-Man Megazine
Dark CrystalSpider-Man Mysteries
Dark GuardSpider-Man Saga
Dark Tower: Gunslinger's GuidebookSpider-Man Special Edition
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger BornSpider-Man Super Special
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born SketchbookSpider-Man Team-Up
Dark Tower: The Long Road HomeSpider-Man Team-Up Special
DarkHoldSpider-Man Universe
DarkMan (Magazine)Spider-Man Unlimited (1st Series)
DarkdevilSpider-Man Unlimited (2nd Series)
DarkhawkSpider-Man Unlimited (3rd Series)
Darkman (Vol. 1)Spider-Man Unmasked
Darkman (Vol. 2)Spider-Man Vs. Dracula
Daughters of the DragonSpider-Man Vs. Punisher
Dawn of the Age of ApocalypseSpider-Man Vs. The Hulk
Day of the DefendersSpider-Man Vs. Wolverine
DaydreamersSpider-Man and Batman
DazzlerSpider-Man and Daredevil Special Edition
Dead of NightSpider-Man and Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure
Deadliest Heroes of Kung FuSpider-Man and His Amazing Friends
DeadlineSpider-Man and Mysterio
Deadly Foes of SpidermanSpider-Man and Power Pack
Deadly Hands of Kung FuSpider-Man and X-Factor: Shadowgames
DeadpoolSpider-Man and the Dallas Cowboys
Deadpool (Mini Series)Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk
Deadpool Team-UpSpider-Man and the New Mutants
Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun SpectacularSpider-Man, Fire-Star and Iceman
Deadpool: The Circle ChaseSpider-Man, Power Pack
Death MetalSpider-Man, Punisher, Sabretooth: Designer Genes
Death Metal vs. GenetixSpider-Man, Storm and Power Man
Death WreckSpider-Man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do
Death's HeadSpider-Man/Daredevil
Death's Head II & The Origin of Die-CutSpider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Out of Reach
Death's Head II (Vol. 1)Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Year One
Death's Head II (Vol. 2)Spider-Man/Dr. Strange: The Way to Dusty Death
Death's Head II GoldSpider-Man/Fantastic Four (Mini)
Deathlok (1st Series)Spider-Man/Human Torch
Deathlok (2nd Series)Spider-Man/Punisher: Family Plot
Deathlok (3rd Series)Spider-Man/Red Sonja
Decimation: X-Men the Day AfterSpider-Man: Back in Black Handbook
DeepSpider-Man: Blue
DefendersSpider-Man: Breakout
Defenders (Vol.2)Spider-Man: Carnage
Defenders (Vol.3)Spider-Man: Chapter One
Defenders of Dynatron CitySpider-Man: Christmas in Dallas
Dennis the MenaceSpider-Man: Dead Man's Hand
Dennis the Menace Comics DigestSpider-Man: Death and Destiny
Destroyer (Magazine)Spider-Man: Fairy Tales
Destroyer (Vol. 2)Spider-Man: Fear Itself
Destroyer (Vol. 3)Spider-Man: Friends & Enemies
Devil DinosaurSpider-Man: Funeral for an Octopus
Devil Dinosaur Spring FlingSpider-Man: Get Kraven
Die-CutSpider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives
Die-Cut vs. G-ForceSpider-Man: House of M
DigitekSpider-Man: India
Dino-RidersSpider-Man: Legacy of Evil
Disney AfternoonSpider-Man: Lifeline
Disney Comic HitsSpider-Man: Made Men
Disney's AladdinSpider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha
Disney's Hunchback of Notre DameSpider-Man: Maximum Clonage Omega
Disney's Lion KingSpider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook
Disney's PocahontasSpider-Man: Power of Terror
Disney's The Little MermaidSpider-Man: Quality of Life
Disney's Toy StorySpider-Man: Redemption
District XSpider-Man: Reign
Doc SamsonSpider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin
Doc SavageSpider-Man: Son of the Goblin
Doc Savage (Magazine)Spider-Man: Sweet Charity
Doctor Doom's RevengeSpider-Man: The Arachnis Project
Doctor SpectrumSpider-Man: The Clone Journal
Doctor Strange (1st Series)Spider-Man: The Death of Captain Stacy
Doctor Strange (2nd Series)Spider-Man: The Final Adventure
Doctor Strange (3rd Series)Spider-Man: The Jackal Files
Doctor Strange ClassicsSpider-Man: The Lost Years
Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and TormentSpider-Man: The Mutant Agenda
Doctor Strange/Ghost Rider SpecialSpider-Man: The Official Movie Adaptation
Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic ArtsSpider-Man: The Parker Years
Doctor Strange: ShamballaSpider-Man: Venom Agenda
Doctor Strange: Sorceror SupremeSpider-Man: Web of Doom
Doctor Strange: What is it that Disturbs You Stephen?Spider-Man: With Great Power
Doctor WhoSpider-Woman (1st Series)
Dolly DillSpider-Woman (2nd Series)
Domination Factor: AvengersSpider-Woman (3rd Series)
Domination Factor: Fantastic FourSpider-Woman: Origin
DominoSpidey Super Stories
Domino (2nd Series)Spidey and the Mini-Marvels
DoomSpirits of Venom
Doom 2099Spitfire and the Troubleshooters
Doom: The Emperor ReturnsSpoof
Double DragonSpotlight
Double Edge: AlphaSquadron Supreme
Double Edge: OmegaSquadron Supreme: Hyperion vs. Nighthawk
Dr. Strange vs. DraculaSquadron Supreme: New World Order
Dr. Strange: The OathStan Lee Meets Silver Surfer
Dracula Lives! (Magazine)Stan Lee Meets: Dr. Doom
Dracula: Lord of the UndeadStan Lee Meets: The Thing
DraftStar Brand
Dragon StrikeStar Masters
Dragon's ClawsStar Trek (DS9) (Series 2)
DragonslayerStar Trek (TNG): Riker
Drax the DestroyerStar Trek (TOS) (Series 2)
Dreadstar and CompanyStar Trek (Voyager)
DreamwalkerStar Trek (Voyager): Splashdown
DruidStar Trek / X-Men
DuneStar Trek / X-Men: 2nd Contact
DynomuttStar Trek: Early Voyages
Earth XStar Trek: First Contact
Earth X SketchbookStar Trek: Mirror Mirror
Earthworm JimStar Trek: Operation Assimilation
EctokidStar Trek: Starfleet Academy
Ectokid Unleashed!Star Trek: Telepathy War
Eden's TrailStar Trek: Unlimited
Elektra & Wolverine: The RedeemerStar Trek: Untold Voyages
Elektra (1st Series)Star Wars
Elektra (2nd Series)Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Elektra (3rd Series)Star-Lord, The Special Edition
Elektra BattlebookStarblast
Elektra MegazineStarjammers
Elektra SagaStarjammers (Vol. 2)
Elektra: Glimpse & EchoStarlord
Elektra: The HandStarlord Magazine
Elektra: The MovieStartling Stories: Banner
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Magazine)Startling Stories: The Thing
Emma FrostStartling Stories: The Thing--Night Falls on Yancy Street
Encyclopaedia DeadpoolicaSteeltown Rockers
Essential AvengersStoker's Dracula
Essential Iron FistStorm
Essential Spider-ManStorm Battlebook
Essential Tomb of DraculaStormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill
Essential X-Men Vol.4Strange
Eternals (1st Series)Strange Tales (1st Series)
Eternals (Ltd. Series)Strange Tales (2nd Series)
Eternals (Mini-Series)Strange Tales (Mini-Series)
Eternals: The Herod FactorStrange Tales (One-Shot)
Evel KnievelStrange Tales: Dark Corners
ExcaliburStrikeforce: Morituri
Excalibur (2nd Series)Strikeforce: Morituri: Electric Undertow
Excalibur (Mini-Series)Strong Guy Reborn
Excalibur: Air ApparentStryfe's Strike File
Excalibur: Mojo MayhemSub-Mariner
Excalibur: Sword of PowerSuburban She-Devils
Excalibur: The PossessionSun Girl
Excalibur: The Sword is DrawnSunfire & Big Hero Six
Excalibur: Weird War IIISuper Heroes Puzzles and Games
Excalibur: XX CrossingSuper Soldiers
ExilesSuper-Villain Classics
Factor-XSuper-Villain Team-Up
FaithfulSuper-Villain Team-Up/M.O.D.O.K.'S 11
FalconSupernatural Thrillers
Fallen AngelsSupernaturals
Fantastic FiveSupernaturals Tour Book
Fantastic Five (2nd Series)Sweet XVI
Fantastic ForceTV Stars
Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)Tales from the Age of Apocalypse
Fantastic Four (Vol. 2)Tales from the Age of Apocalypse: Sinister Bloodlines
Fantastic Four (Vol. 3)Tales of Asgard (Vol. 1)
Fantastic Four LegendsTales of Asgard (Vol. 2)
Fantastic Four SpecialTales of G.I. Joe
Fantastic Four and Power PackTales of Suspense (1st Series)
Fantastic Four vs. X-MenTales of Suspense (2nd Series)
Fantastic Four vs. X-MenTales of Suspense: Captain America/Iron Man
Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in JapanTales of the Marvel Universe
Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4Tales of the Marvels: Blockbuster
Fantastic Four: 2099Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons
Fantastic Four: A Death in the FamilyTales of the Marvels: Ruins
Fantastic Four: Atlantis RisingTales of the Marvels: Wonder Years
Fantastic Four: Big TownTales of the Zombie
Fantastic Four: FireworksTales to Astonish (Vol. 1)
Fantastic Four: First FamilyTales to Astonish (Vol. 2)
Fantastic Four: FoesTales to Astonish (Vol. 3)
Fantastic Four: Franklin's AdventuresTangled Web
Fantastic Four: House of MTarzan (Marvel)
Fantastic Four: RoastTarzan of the Apes (Marvel)
Fantastic Four: The EndTaskMaster
Fantastic Four: The LegendTeam America
Fantastic Four: UnlimitedTeam X
Fantastic Four: UnpluggedTeam X/Team 7
Fantastic Four: Unstable MoleculesTeen Comics (Marvel)
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics MagazineTeen-Age Romance
Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 1)Terror, Inc.
Fantasy Masterpieces (Vol. 2)Tessie the Typist
FearTex Dawson, Gunslinger
Felicia Hardy: The Black CatTex Morgan
Fight ManTex Taylor
Film FunniesThanos
FirestarThanos Quest
Fish PoliceThe A-Team
Flash GordonThe Adventures of Captain America
FoolKillerThe Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix
Foom MagazineThe Adventures of Kool-Aid Man
Force WorksThe Adventures of Spider-Man
Fraggle RockThe Adventures of the Thing
Francis, Brother of the UniverseThe Adventures of the X-Men
Franklin Richards: Happy ThanksgivingThe Amazing Spider-Girl
Franklin Richards: March Madness!The Amazing Spider-Man (1st Series)
Franklin Richards: World Be WarnedThe Amazing Spider-Man (Series 2)
Fred Hembeck Destroys the Marvel UniverseThe Astonishing X-Men (1st Mini-Series)
Fred Hembeck Sells the Marvel UniverseThe Astonishing X-Men (2nd Mini-Series)
Freddy Krueger's Nightmare on Elm StreetThe Avenger's Icons: The Vision
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-ManThe Avengers (Marvel Illustrated Books)
Fun and Games MagazineThe Avengers (Vol. 1)
Funny FrolicsThe Avengers (Vol. 2)
Funtastic World of Hanna-BarberaThe Avengers (Vol. 3)
Fury (1st Series)The Avengers Casebook
Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.The Avengers Collector's Edition
Fury/Agent 13The Avengers Legends
Fury/Black Widow: Death DutyThe Avengers Living Legends
Fury: PeacemakerThe Avengers Log
G.I. Joe Comics MagazineThe Avengers Masterworks
G.I. Joe European MissionsThe Avengers/Thunderbolts
G.I. Joe Order of BattleThe Avengers: Death Trap, The Vault
G.I. Joe Special MissionsThe Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
G.I. Joe and the TransformersThe Avengers: Finale
G.I. Joe, A Real American HeroThe Champions
G.L.A.The Defenders (Vol.1)
GLAThe Eternals (Mini Series)
Galactic GuardiansThe Falcon
Galactus the DevourerThe Flintstones
Gambit & the X-TernalsThe Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix
Gambit (2004)The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones
Gambit (3rd Series)The Hulk
Gambit (4th Series)The Immortal Iron Fist
Gambit (5th Series)The Incredible Hulk (1st Series)
Gambit BattlebookThe Incredible Hulk (2nd Series)
Gambit and BishopThe Incredible Hulk (Fireside)
Gambit and Bishop AlphaThe Incredible Hulk (Lancer)
Gambit and Bishop GenesisThe Incredible Hulk (Tempo)
GargoyleThe Incredible Hulk Megazine
GargoylesThe Incredible Hulk and Wolverine
Gene DogsThe Incredible Hulk and the Thing: The Big Chance
Generation MThe Incredible Hulk versus Quasimodo
Generation NextThe Incredible Hulk vs. Superman
Generation XThe Incredible Hulk vs. Venom
Generation X UndergroundThe Incredible Hulk: A Man-Brute Berserk
Generation X/Gen13The Incredible Hulk: Destruction
Generic ComicThe Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect
GenetixThe Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed
Ghost Rider & Cable: Servants of the DeadThe Incredible Hulk: Nightmerica
Ghost Rider (2006)The Incredible Hulk: The End
Ghost Rider (Mini-Series)The Infinity Crusade
Ghost Rider (Vol. 1)The Infinity Gauntlet
Ghost Rider (Vol. 2)The Infinity War
Ghost Rider (Western Hero)The Inhumans: The Great Refuge
Ghost Rider 2099The Inhumans: The Untold Saga
Ghost Rider FinaleThe Invaders (1st Series)
Ghost Rider Poster MagazineThe Invaders (2nd Series)
Ghost Rider and the Midnight Sons MagazineThe Invaders (3rd Series)
Ghost Rider/BallisticThe Invincible Iron Man
Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of VengeanceThe Invincible Iron-Man
Ghost Rider/Captain America: FearThe Invincible Iron-Man (2nd Series)
Ghost Rider: CrossroadsThe Invincible Iron-Man (3rd Series)
Ghost Rider: Highway to HellThe Invincible Iron-Man (4th Series)
Ghost Rider: The Hammer LaneThe Irredeemable Ant-Man
Ghost Rider: The Road to DamnationThe Last Fantastic Four Story
Ghost Rider: Trail of TearsThe Loners
Ghost Rider; Wolverine; Punisher: The Dark DesignThe Man-Thing (Mini-Series)
Giant Size Mini-Marvels: Starring SpideyThe Man-Thing (Vol.1)
Giant Size Spider-ManThe Man-Thing (Vol.2)
Giant Size WolverineThe Man-Thing (Vol.3)
Giant-Size Amazing Spider-ManThe Marvel Saga
Giant-Size AvengersThe Micronauts (Vol. 1)
Giant-Size Captain AmericaThe Micronauts : The New Voyages
Giant-Size Captain MarvelThe Mighty Thor (Vol.1)
Giant-Size Chillers (1st Series)The Mighty Thor: Godstorm
Giant-Size Chillers (2nd Series)The Monster of Frankenstein
Giant-Size ConanThe New Avengers
Giant-Size CreaturesThe New Avengers: Illuminati
Giant-Size DaredevilThe New Mutants
Giant-Size DefendersThe New Mutants: Truth or Death
Giant-Size Doc SavageThe New Warriors (1st Mini-Series)
Giant-Size Doctor StrangeThe New Warriors (2nd Mini-Series)
Giant-Size DraculaThe New Warriors (Vol. 1)
Giant-Size Fantastic FourThe New Warriors (Vol. 2)
Giant-Size HulkThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol 1)
Giant-Size InvadersThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol 2)
Giant-Size Iron ManThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol 3)
Giant-Size Kid ColtThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Book of the Dead
Giant-Size Man-ThingThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Daredevil Elektra
Giant-Size Marvel Adventures: The AvengersThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Golden Age Marvel
Giant-Size Marvel Triple ActionThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk
Giant-Size Master of Kung FuThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Marvel Knights
Giant-Size Power ManThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition
Giant-Size Spider-ManThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Spider-Man
Giant-Size Super-HeroesThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams
Giant-Size Super-StarsThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: The Avengers
Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-upThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Wolverine
Giant-Size ThorThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Women of Marvel
Giant-Size Werewolf By NightThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men
Giant-Size X-MenThe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men Age of Apocalypse
Girl ComicsThe Order
Girl ConfessionsThe Outlaw Kid (1st Series)
Gladiator/SupremeThe Outlaw Kid (2nd Series)
GodzillaThe Punisher (1st Series)
Grandson of Origins of Marvel ComicsThe Punisher (2nd Series)
GravityThe Punisher (3rd Series)
Great Lakes Avengers (GLA)The Punisher (4th Series)
Green GoblinThe Punisher (5th Series)
GroovyThe Punisher (6th Series)
GuardiansThe Punisher 2099
Guardians of the GalaxyThe Punisher Back to School Special
Gun RunnerThe Punisher Holdiay Special
GunHawksThe Punisher Invades the 'Nam:Final Invasion
GunslingersThe Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe
Gunsmoke WesternThe Punisher Magazine
Halloween MegazineThe Punisher Meets Archie
Halo: UprisingThe Punisher Movie Special
HarveyThe Punisher Summer Special
Haunt of HorrorThe Punisher War Journal
Hawkeye (1st Series)The Punisher War Journal (2nd Series)
Hawkeye (2nd Series)The Punisher vs. Daredevil
Hawkeye (3rd Series)The Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights
Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest MarksmanThe Punisher/Black Widow:Spinning Doomsday's Web
Hearts of DarknessThe Punisher/Painkiller Jane
Hedge Knight II: Sworn SwordThe Punisher/Wolverine African Saga
Hell's AngelThe Punisher: A Man Named Frank
HellcatThe Punisher: Blood on the Moors
Hellstorm: Prince of LiesThe Punisher: P.O.V.
Hercules (Vol. 1)The Punisher: The Cell
Hercules (Vol. 2)The Punisher:Bloodlines
Hercules (Vol. 3)The Punisher:Die Hard in the Big Easy
Hercules: Heart of ChaosThe Punisher:G-force
HeroThe Punisher:Intruder
HeroesThe Punisher:Kingdom Gone
Heroes RebornThe Punisher:No Escape
Heroes Reborn Mini ComicThe Punisher:Office Movie Adaptation
Heroes Reborn: AshemaThe Punisher:Origin Micro Chip
Heroes Reborn: DoomThe Punisher:Red X-Mas
Heroes Reborn: DoomsdayThe Punisher:Return to Big Nothing
Heroes Reborn: Masters of EvilThe Punisher:The Cell
Heroes Reborn: RebelThe Punisher:The Ghosts of Innocents
Heroes Reborn: RemnantsThe Punisher:The Movie
Heroes Reborn: The ReturnThe Punisher:The Prize
Heroes Reborn: Young AlliesThe Punisher:Year One
Heroes for HireThe Punisher:empty quarter
Heroes for HopeThe Rampaging Hulk
History of Marvels ComicsThe Rampaging Hulk (Magazine)
Hokum & HexThe Ren & Stimpy Show: Around the World in a Daze
Homer, the Happy Ghost (2nd Series)The Ren & Stimpy Show: Radio Daze
HoneymoonThe Ringo Kid
HoodThe Ringo Kid Western
HookThe Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior
Hook (Magazine)The Sensational She-Hulk
Hot Shots: AvengersThe Sensational She-Hulk in Ceremony
Hot Shots: SpidermanThe Sensational Spider-Man
Hot Shots: X-MenThe Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 2)
House II The Second StoryThe Sensational Spider-Man in Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut
House of MThe Sentry
House of M: AvengersThe Sentry and Fantastic Four
House of M: New X-MenThe Sentry and Hulk
Howard the DuckThe Sentry and Spider-Man
Howard the Duck (Magazine)The Sentry and The Void
Howard the Duck (Mini-Series)The Sentry and X-men
Howard the Duck Holiday SpecialThe Shadow: Hitler's Astrologer
Howard the Duck: The MovieThe Shroud
HulkThe Silver Surfer
Hulk 2099The Terminator: Judgment Day
Hulk LegendsThe Terminator: Judgment Day (Magazine)
Hulk MovieThe Thing
Hulk SmashThe Thing/She-Hulk: The Long Night
Hulk and Power PackThe Thing: Freakshow
Hulk and Thing: Hard KnocksThe Three Musketeers
Hulk versus ThingThe Tomb of Dracula
Hulk/PittThe Tomb of Dracula (1st Mini-Series)
Hulk/Wolverine: 6 HoursThe Toxic Avenger
Hulk: DestructionThe Toxic Crusaders
Hulk: Gamma GamesThe Transformers
Hulk: GrayThe Transformers The Movie
Hulk: Project H.I.D.E.The Transformers: Headmasters
Hulk: The Movie AdaptationThe Ultimate Captian Marvel
Hulk: UnchainedThe Ultimates 2
Human FlyThe Uncanny X-Men
Human Torch (1st Series)The Vision and the Scarlet Witch (Vol.1)
Human Torch (2nd Series)The Vision and the Scarlet Witch (Vol.2)
Human Torch (3rd Series)The X-Men (Vol.1)
Hyperkind Unleashed!Thing
I Love Marvel: Masked IntentionsThor
ID4: Independence DayThor
Iceman (1st Series)Thor (Vol. 2)
Iceman (2nd Series)Thor Battlebook
Identity DiscThor Corps
Imperial GuardThor Visionaries: Mike Deodata, Jr.
Impossible Man Summer Vacation SpectacularThor: Blood Oath
In His StepsThor: Son of Asgard
Incomplete Death's HeadThor: The Legend
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeThor: Vikings
Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomThunderbolts
InhumansThunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better
Inhumans (2nd Series)Thunderbolts: Breaking Point
Inhumans (3rd Series)Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures
Inhumans (4th Series)Thunderbolts: Life Sentences
Iron FistThundercats
Iron Fist (2nd Series)Thunderstrike
Iron Fist (3rd Series)Tigra
Iron Fist (4th Series)Time Bandits
Iron Fist: WolverineTimely Presents: All-Winners
Iron ManTimely Presents: Human Torch
Iron Man & Sub-MarinerTimeslip Collection
Iron Man 2020Timeslip Special
Iron Man and Power PackTiny Tessie
Iron Man vs WhiplashTomb of Darkness
Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of WarTomb of Dracula (Magazine)
Iron Man/X-O Manowar: Heavy MetalTower of Shadows
Iron Man: Bad BloodToxin
Iron Man: Enter the MandarinTransformers Comics Magazine
Iron Man: House of MTransformers Universe
Iron Man: HypervelocityTransformers/Gen13
Iron Man: I Am Iron Man!Transformers: Generation 2
Iron Man: The EndTrue Life Tales
Iron Man: The Iron AgeTruth: Red, White & Black
Iron Man: The LegendTwo Gun Western
Iron Man: The LegendTwo-Gun Kid
Iron ManualTwo-Gun Kid: Sunset Riders
Iron-Man The InevitableTyphoid
Island of Dr. MoreauU.S. 1
J2U.S. Agent
Jack of HeartsUSAgent (2nd Series)
James Bond Jr.Ulitmate Marvel Flip Book
James Bond: For Your Eyes OnlyUltimate Adventures
John Carter, Warlord of MarsUltimate Civil War Spidar-Ham Crisis
John Romita Jr. 30th Anniversary SpecialUltimate Daredevil & Elektra
Journey into Mystery (1st Series)Ultimate Elektra
Journey into Mystery (2nd Series)Ultimate Extinction
JubileeUltimate Fantastic Four
JuggernautUltimate Fantastic Four / X-Men
Juggernaut (2nd Series)Ultimate Human
Jungle ActionUltimate Iron Man
Justice (Marvel)Ultimate Iron Man II
Justice: Four BalanceUltimate Marvel Magazine
Ka-Zar (1st Series)Ultimate Marvel Team-Up
Ka-Zar (2nd Series)Ultimate Nightmare
Ka-Zar (3rd Series)Ultimate Origin
Ka-Zar the SavageUltimate Power
KabukiUltimate Power: Director's Cut
Kazar of the Savage LandUltimate Saga
Kickers, Inc.Ultimate Secret
Kid 'N PlayUltimate Six
Kid Colt OutlawUltimate Spider-Man
KillRavenUltimate Tales Flip Book
KillRaven (2nd Series)Ultimate Vision
Killpower: The Early YearsUltimate War
King Arthur and the Knights of JusticeUltimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk
King ConanUltimate X-Men
Kingpin (2nd Series)Ultimates 3
Kiss ClassicsUltimatum
Kitty Pryde & WolverineUncanny Origins
Kitty Pryde, Agent of ShieldUncanny Tales (1st Series)
Knights of Pendragon (1st Series)Uncanny Tales (2nd Series)
Knights of Pendragon (2nd Series)Uncanny X-Men
Krazy KrowUncanny X-Men in Days of Future Past
Kree-Skrull War Starring the AvengersUnderworld
KrullUnion Jack
Kull and the BarbariansUniverse X
Kull, The DestroyerUniverse X: Beasts
Kull, the Conqueror (1st Mini-Series)Universe X: Cap
Kull, the Conqueror (1st Series)Universe X: Iron Men
Kull, the Conqueror (2nd Mini-Series)Universe X: Omnibus
Kull: The Vale of ShadowUniverse X: Spidey
Labyrinth: The MovieUnknown Worlds of Science Fiction
Laff-A-LympicsUnlimited Access
Last AvengersUntold Legend of Captain Marvel
Last Hero StandingUntold Tales of Spider-Man
Last StarfighterUntold Tales of the New Universe
Lee Falk's Phantom: The Ghost Who WalksValkyrie (3rd Series)
Legion of MonstersVampire Tales
Legion of Monsters: Man-ThingVault of Evil
Legion of Monsters: MorbiusVenom
Legion of Monsters: SatanaVenom vs. Carnage
Legion of Monsters: Werewolf by NightVenom: Along Came a Spider
Lethal Foes of Spider-ManVenom: Carnage Unleashed
Li'l KidsVenom: Deathtrap: The Vault
Li'l PalsVenom: Finale
Life of Captain MarvelVenom: Funeral Pyre
Life of Pope John Paul IIVenom: Lethal Protector
Little AspirinVenom: License to Kill
Little LanaVenom: Nights of Vengance
Little LennyVenom: On Trial
Little Lizzie (1st Series)Venom: Seed of Darkness
Little Lizzie (2nd Series)Venom: Seperation Anxiety
LivewiresVenom: Sign of the Boss
Logan's RunVenom: Sinner Takes All
Logan: Path of the WarlordVenom: Super Special
Logan: Shadow SocietyVenom: The Enemy Within
LokiVenom: The Hunger
LongshotVenom: The Hunted
Longshot (2nd Series)Venom: The Mace
Lords of Avalon: Sword of DarknessVenom: The Madness
Love AdventuresVenom: Tooth and Claw
Love ClassicsVenus
Love SecretsVery Best of Dennis the Menace
Love TalesVintage Pack
Love TrailsVirtual Fighter
LoversWCW World Championship Wrestling
Luke Cage, Hero for HireWar
LunatikWar Combat
Machine ManWar Machine
Machine Man (Mini-Series)War is Hell
Machine Man / Bastion '98Warheads
Machine Man 2020Warheads: Black Dawn
Mad About MillieWarlock
Mad-DogWarlock (2nd Series)
MadroxWarlock (3rd Series)
MagikWarlock (4th Series)
Magik (2nd Series)Warlock (5th Series)
MagnetoWarlock (6th Series)
Magneto (Ltd. Series)Warlock Chronicles
Magneto AscendantWarlock and the Infinity Watch
Magneto RexWeapon X
Magneto: Dark SeductionWeapon X (2nd Series)
Man ComicsWeapon X: Days of Future Now
Man from AtlantisWeapon X: The Draft: Kane
Man-Thing (Mini-Series)Web of Scarlet Spider
Man-Thing (Vol. 1)Web of Spider-Man
Man-Thing (Vol. 2)Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man
Man-Thing (Vol. 3)Wedding of Dracula
Mandrake the MagicianWeird Wonder Tales
Marc Hazzard: MERCWerewolf by Night (Vol. 1)
Marc Spector: Moon KnightWerewolf by Night (Vol. 2)
Marel RiotWest Coast Avengers
Margie ComicsWest Coast Avengers (Ltd. Series)
Marines in BattleWestern Gunfighters
Mark Hazzard: MercWestern Kid
Marvel 10th Anniversary HardcoverWestern Life Romances
Marvel 1602: Fantastick FourWestern Outlaws and Sheriffs
Marvel 1602: New WorldWestern Team-Up
Marvel 65th Anniversary SpecialWestern Winners
Marvel Action Hour, Featuring Iron ManWha...Huh?
Marvel Action Hour, Featuring The Fantastic FourWhat If...Aunt May had Died Instead of Uncle Ben?
Marvel Action UniverseWhat If...Dr. Doom had Become The Thing?
Marvel AdventureWhat If...General Ross Had Become The Hulk?
Marvel AdventuresWhat If...Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers?
Marvel Adventures: Fantastic FourWhat If...Karen Page Had Lived?
Marvel Adventures: HulkWhat If...Magneto Had Formed The X-Men with Professor X?
Marvel Adventures: Iron ManWhat If? Annihilation
Marvel Adventures: Spider-ManWhat If? Avengers Disassembled
Marvel Adventures: The AvengersWhat If? Planet Hulk
Marvel Adventures: The ThingWhat If? Spider-Man: The Other
Marvel Adventures: Two-In-OneWhat If? Wolverine: Enemy of the State
Marvel AgeWhat If? X-Men Age of Apocalypse
Marvel Age HulkWhat If? X-Men Deadly Genesis
Marvel Age PreviewWhat The-?!
Marvel Age Spider-Man Team UpWhat if... (1st Series)
Marvel Age: Fantastic FourWhat if... (2nd Series)
Marvel Age: Fantastic Four Tales-The ThingWhat if... (3rd Series)
Marvel Age: RunawaysWhere Creatures Roam
Marvel Age: SentinelWhere Monsters Dwell
Marvel Age: Spider-GirlWhite Tiger
Marvel Age: Spider-ManWild Thing
Marvel AtlasWild Thing (2nd Series)
Marvel Boy (1st Series)Wild West
Marvel Boy (2nd Series)Willie Comics
Marvel ChillersWillow
Marvel Chillers: Shades of Green MonstersWinter Soldier: Winter Kills
Marvel Chillers: The Thing in the Glass CaseWitchblade/Elektra
Marvel Classics ComicsWitches
Marvel Collectible Classics: Amazing Spider-ManWitness
Marvel Collectible Classics: AvengersWolfpack
Marvel Collectible Classics: X-MenWolverine (1st Limited Series)
Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men (Vol. 2)Wolverine (1st Series)
Marvel Collector's EditionWolverine (2nd Series)
Marvel Collectors' Item ClassicsWolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk
Marvel ComicsWolverine Poster Magazine
Marvel Comics PresentsWolverine and Captain America
Marvel Comics Presents (2nd Series)Wolverine and Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising
Marvel Comics Presents Spider-ManWolverine and the Punisher: Damaging Evidence
Marvel Comics Presents The X-MenWolverine vs. Night Man
Marvel Comics: 2001Wolverine vs. Spider-Man
Marvel Double FeatureWolverine/Doop
Marvel Double ShotWolverine/Gambit: Victims
Marvel EncyclopediaWolverine/Hulk
Marvel Encyclopedia (Magazine)Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection
Marvel Fanfare (1st Series)Wolverine/Punisher
Marvel Fanfare (2nd Series)Wolverine/Punisher Revelation
Marvel Feature (1st Series)Wolverine/The Punisher: Damaging Evidence
Marvel Feature (2nd Series)Wolverine/The Punisher: Revelations
Marvel Frontier Comics UnlimitedWolverine: Black Rio
Marvel Fumetti BookWolverine: Blood Hungry!
Marvel Graphic NovelWolverine: Bloodlust
Marvel Graphic Novel: ArenaWolverine: Bloody Choices
Marvel Graphic Novel: Cloak and Dagger and Power Pack: Shelter From the StormWolverine: Dangerous Games
Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom: Starring the Mighty AvengersWolverine: Days of Future Past
Marvel Graphic Novel: Ka-Zar: Guns of the Savage LandWolverine: Doombringer
Marvel Graphic Novel: Rick Mason, The AgentWolverine: Evilution
Marvel Graphic Novel: Roger Rabbit in the Resurrection of DoomWolverine: Global Jeopardy
Marvel Graphic Novel: The ShadowWolverine: Inner Fury
Marvel Graphic Novel: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?Wolverine: Killing
Marvel Guide to Collecting ComicsWolverine: Killing Made Simple
Marvel Halloween: Supernaturals Tour BookWolverine: Knight of Terra
Marvel Holiday SpecialWolverine: Netsuke
Marvel Holiday SpecialWolverine: Origins
Marvel Holiday Special 2004Wolverine: Poster Book
Marvel Illustrated: Jungle BookWolverine: Rahne of Terra
Marvel Illustrated: Last of the MohicansWolverine: Saga
Marvel Illustrated: Moby DickWolverine: Save the Tiger!
Marvel Illustrated: Picture of Dorian GrayWolverine: Snikt!
Marvel Illustrated: Swimsuit IssueWolverine: Soultaker
Marvel Illustrated: The IliadWolverine: The End
Marvel Illustrated: The Man in the Iron MaskWolverine: The Jungle Adventure
Marvel Illustrated: Treasure IslandWolverine: The Origin
Marvel KidsWolverine: Weapon X
Marvel KnightsWolverine: Xisle
Marvel KnightsWonder Man (2nd Series)
Marvel Knights (Vol. 2)Wonder Man (Mini-Series)
Marvel Knights 2099: Black PantherWonder Man (One-Shot)
Marvel Knights 2099: DaredevilWoodstock: The Comic
Marvel Knights 2099: InhumansWorld War Hulk
Marvel Knights 2099: PunisherWorld War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker
Marvel Knights 4World War Hulk: Aftersmash
Marvel Knights Double-ShotWorld War Hulk: Front Line
Marvel Knights MagazineWorld War Hulk: Gamma Corps
Marvel Knights SketchbookWorld War Hulk: Gamma Files
Marvel Knights Tour BookWorld War Hulk: Gamma Files
Marvel Knights Wave 2 SketchbookWorld War Hulk: X-Men
Marvel Knights/Marvel Boy Genesis EditionWorlds Unknown
Marvel Knights: Fantastic FourWyatt Earp
Marvel Knights: Millennial VisionsX-23
Marvel Knights: Spider-ManX-23: Target X
Marvel Knights: WolverineX-51
Marvel Legacy: The 1980's HandbookX-Babies: Murderama
Marvel Legacy: The 1990s HandbookX-Babies: Reborn
Marvel Legends: ThorX-Calibre
Marvel Legends: WolverineX-Factor (1st Series)
Marvel Legends: X-MenX-Factor (2nd Series)
Marvel MagazineX-Factor (Mini-Series)
Marvel Magic HandbookX-Factor: Prisoner of Love
Marvel Masterpieces CollectionX-Force
Marvel Masterpieces Collection 2X-Force (Mini-Series)
Marvel MasterworksX-Force/Youngblood
Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-ManX-Force: Shatterstar
Marvel Masterworks: AvengersX-Man
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic FourX-Man: All Saint's Day
Marvel Masterworks: Incredible HulkX-Men
Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men Vol.6X-Men (2nd Series)
Marvel Masterworks: Uncanny X-MenX-Men 2 Movie
Marvel Milestone Edition: Amazing FantasyX-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler
Marvel Milestone Edition: Amazing Spider-ManX-Men 2 Movie Prequel: Wolverine
Marvel Milestone Edition: AvengersX-Men 2099
Marvel Milestone Edition: Captain AmericaX-Men 2099: Oasis
Marvel Milestone Edition: Fantastic FourX-Men Adventures (Vol 1)
Marvel Milestone Edition: Giant-Size X-MenX-Men Adventures (Vol 2)
Marvel Milestone Edition: Incredible HulkX-Men Adventures (Vol 3)
Marvel Milestone Edition: Iron FistX-Men Alpha
Marvel Milestone Edition: Iron ManX-Men Animation Special: The Pryde of the X-Men
Marvel Milestone Edition: Iron Man, Ant-Man & Captain AmericaX-Men Anniversary Magazine
Marvel Milestone Edition: Tales of SuspenseX-Men Archives Featuring Captian Britain
Marvel Milestone Edition: X-MenX-Men Archives Sketchbook
Marvel Milestones: Beast & Kitty PrydeX-Men Children of the Atom
Marvel Milestones: Legion of Monsters, Spider-Man & Brother VoodooX-Men Chromium Classics: Days of Future Past
Marvel Milestones: OnslaughtX-Men Chromium Classics: Death of the Phoenix
Marvel Milestones: Venom and HerculesX-Men Chromium Classics: Origin of the X-Men
Marvel Milestones: Wolverine, X-Men, & Tuk: Cave BoyX-Men Chronicles
Marvel MonstersX-Men Classic
Marvel Movie PremierX-Men Classics
Marvel Must HavesX-Men Collector's Edition
Marvel Must Haves: Amazing Spider-Man #30-32X-Men Firsts
Marvel Must Haves: Avengers #500-502X-Men Forever
Marvel Must Haves: Incredible Hulk #34-36X-Men Forever
Marvel Must Haves: Incredible Hulk #50-52X-Men Movie Adaptation
Marvel Must Haves: NYX #4-5X-Men Movie Premiere Prequel Edition
Marvel Must Haves: New Avengers #1-3X-Men Movie Prequel: Magneto
Marvel Must Haves: New X-Men #114-116X-Men Movie Prequel: Rogue
Marvel Must Haves: Sentinel #1 & #2 and Runaways #1 & #12X-Men Movie Prequel: Wolverine
Marvel Must Haves: The Ultimates #1-3X-Men Mutant Search R.U. 1?
Marvel Must Haves: Truth: Red, White and BlackX-Men Omega
Marvel Must Haves: Ultimate Spider-Man #1-3X-Men Poster Magazine
Marvel Must Haves: Ultimate VenomX-Men Prime
Marvel Must Haves: Ultimate WarX-Men Rarities
Marvel Must Haves: Ultimate X-MenX-Men Special Edition
Marvel Must Haves: Ultimates 2 #1-3X-Men Spotlight On...Starjammers
Marvel Mystery ComicsX-Men Ultra III Preview
Marvel Mystery Comics (2nd Series)X-Men Universe
Marvel Nemesis: The ImperfectsX-Men Universe: Past, Present and Future
Marvel No-Prize BookX-Men Unlimited
Marvel Poster BookX-Men Unlimited (2nd Series)
Marvel Poster MagazineX-Men and Power Pack
Marvel PremiereX-Men and the Micronauts
Marvel PresentsX-Men at the State Fair
Marvel PreviewX-Men vs. Dracula
Marvel Preview '93X-Men vs. The Brood
Marvel Romance Redux: Guys & DollsX-Men/Alpha Flight
Marvel SagaX-Men/Alpha Flight (2nd Series)
Marvel SelectsX-Men/Alpha Flight: The Gift
Marvel Selects: Spider-ManX-Men/Fantastic Four
Marvel Special Edition Featuring Close Encounters of the Third KindX-Men/WildC.A.T.S: The Dark Age
Marvel Special Edition Featuring Spectacular Spider-ManX-Men: Age of Apocalypse
Marvel Special Edition Featuring Star WarsX-Men: Age of Apocalypse (One-Shot)
Marvel SpectacularX-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula
Marvel Spotlight (Vol. 1)X-Men: Books of Askani
Marvel Spotlight (Vol. 2)X-Men: Children of the Atom
Marvel Spotlight: Civil War AftermathX-Men: Clandestine
Marvel Spotlight: Civil War RememberedX-Men: Colossus Bloodline
Marvel Spotlight: Fantastic FourX-Men: Days of Future Past
Marvel Spotlight: Ghost RiderX-Men: Deadly Genesis
Marvel Spotlight: HaloX-Men: Declassified
Marvel Spotlight: Heroes Reborn/Onslaught RebornX-Men: Die by the Sword
Marvel Spotlight: Marvel ZombiesX-Men: Earthfall
Marvel Spotlight: Spider-ManX-Men: Emperor Vulcan
Marvel Spotlight: Spider-Man - One More Day/Brand New DayX-Men: Endangered Species
Marvel Spotlight: World War HulkX-Men: Evolution
Marvel Spring SpecialX-Men: First Class
Marvel Super ActionX-Men: First Class (2nd Series)
Marvel Super Action (Magazine)X-Men: First Class Special
Marvel Super Hero Contest of ChampionsX-Men: God Loves, Man Kills - Special Edition
Marvel Super Heroes : Secret WarsX-Men: Hellfire Club
Marvel Super SpecialX-Men: Kitty Pryde-Shadow & Flame
Marvel Super-HeroesX-Men: Liberators
Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2)X-Men: Lost Tales
Marvel Super-Heroes MegazineX-Men: Messiah Complex
Marvel Swimsuit SpecialX-Men: Millennial Visions
Marvel TailsX-Men: Phoenix
Marvel TalesX-Men: Phoenix - Endsong
Marvel Tales (1st Series)X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy of Fire
Marvel Team-Up (1st Series)X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong
Marvel Team-Up (2nd Series)X-Men: Road to Onslaught
Marvel Team-Up (3rd Series)X-Men: Ronin
Marvel Treasury EditionX-Men: Runaways
Marvel Treasury Edition Special Featuring Captain America's Bicentennial BattlesX-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion
Marvel Treasury Special, Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-BagX-Men: The 198
Marvel Treasury of OZX-Men: The 198 Files
Marvel Triple ActionX-Men: The Early Years
Marvel Two-In-OneX-Men: The End - Heroes & Martyers
Marvel Two-In-One (2nd Series)X-Men: The End - Men and X-Men
Marvel UniverseX-Men: The Hidden Years
Marvel Universe: Millennial VisionsX-Men: The Magneto War
Marvel Universe: The EndX-Men: The Search for Cyclops
Marvel Valentine SpecialX-Men: The Ultra Collection
Marvel X-Men CollectionX-Men: The Wedding Album
Marvel Year in ReviewX-Men: True Friends
Marvel ZombiesX-Men: Wrath of Apocalypse
Marvel Zombies 2X-Men: Year of the Mutants Collector's Preview
Marvel Zombies/Army of DarknessX-Nation 2099
Marvel Zombies: Dead DaysX-Statix
Marvel and DC PresentX-Statix Presents: Dead Girl
Marvel's Greatest ComicsX-Terminators
Marvel: Heroes & LegendsX-Treme X-Men
Marvel: Portraits of a UniverseX-Treme X-Men X-Pose
Marvel: Shadows & LightX-Treme X-Men: Savage Land
Marvel: The Lost GenerationX-Universe
Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer and Spider-ManX-men VS. The Avengers
Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: HulkX-men: The End - Dreamers & Demons
Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: Spider-ManXSE
Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer: X-MenYear in Review: Spider-Man
MarvelsYogi Bear
Marvels Comics: Captain AmericaYoung Avengers
Marvels Comics: DaredevilYoung Avengers Special
Marvels Comics: Fantastic FourYoung Guns 2004 Sketch Book
Marvels Comics: Spider-ManYoung Guns: Reload Sketchbook
Marvels Comics: ThorYoung Hearts
Marvels Comics: X-MenYoung Men
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